Henri Gautschi, CFII

Chief Flight Instructor

A native of Switzerland, Henri took his first flying lesson on September 5th, 1962 in a DeHavilland "Chipmunk" in Biggin Hill, England.  After earning his Private Pilot certificate, he obtained more flight training in France and Switzerland.

In late 1965, Henri moved to the United States, where he found flying far less expensive.  He was able to acquire the Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructors certificates by 1969 at Hanscom Field in Bedford Massachusetts.

In May of 1974, Henri moved to Rhode Island and became a "permanent fixture" at North Central State Airport where he obtained his Seaplane rating and Airline Transport Certificate in 1980. Henri has amassed approximately 8,200 hours of flight training experience.  

Henri still enjoys every single flight, since there are no two flights a like and every flight presents challenges and insights.


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Dennis Gladu, MBA, CFII

Flight Instructor


While in high school, Dennis took an introductory flight at North Central State Airport in a Cessna 152, but "Temporarily" put off taking lessons due to school, work, college, marriage, etc.

On May 24, 1998, Dennis took his second flight in a Cessna 172 at T.F. Green Airport and enjoyed it so much that he was soon flying twice a week.  He received his Private Pilot License on February 13, 1999 continuing on for his Instrument, Commercial, and CFII ratings.

Dennis has held the position of Cheif Flight Instructor for the Brown University Soaring Club, and has also taught for Skylanes and Lincoln Flight Center at North Central State Airport.

Outside of the aviation world, Dennis is also a sailor, holding a Master Captain's license for Sail, Motor and Commerical towing vessels up to 50 tons.  Additionally, Dennis is also a foreman and mentor for Pepsi Inc.


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Ebrahim Jallow, MBA, CFI

Flight Instructor

From a very young age, when I was blessed to travel in commercial airplanes, I always had a fascination for aviation. I embarked on the discovery of my fascination of becoming a pilot and flight instructor after I completed my MBA.


This journey over more than a decade has been very challenging and eventful. Yet, I never lost sight of my dream and goal despite many hardships.


My initial training in the New York / New Jersey area was mostly with flight instructors who were primarily interested in building up their flight time to qualify for airline employment. Needless to say, this did not help my flight training.


Luckily, some 10 years ago, I came to Rhode Island and to Lincoln Flight Center which some 5 years ago became North Central Flight Center. Here the instructors focused and still focus on good student development and cost-effective ground and flight training.


Although I only received my flight and ground instructor certificate recently, I already have more overall flight experience than most new flight and ground instructors.. I spare no effort to make certain that all my students at North Central Flight Center will have a much easier path to success than I had to endure. I also will add that North Central Flight Center and North Central State Airport provide the most ideal flight training environment. I am looking forward to welcoming even more students to the fascinating tri-dimensional world of aviation


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